Hut and Yurt Etiquette

  • Carry out all trash. Trash bins and garbage bags are provided for your convenience, but you must carry out your trash.
  • Fill the snow buckets and the large water pots for the next party. If you keep filling the pots with snow you will always have water, and the next party will appreciate what you leave them.
  • Conserve power! Use only as many lights as you need. We have a limited amount of stored power and when it is depleted, you will have no lights.
  • Conserve fuel! Do not run the propane heating stoves any more than necessary. Propane is expensive and it’s a long way to deliver.
  • Wipe up water puddles to help maintain the flooring and sweep the floors and entrance mats.
  • Clean the kitchen, including the stovetop. Cleaning supplies are under the sink.
  • Help keep the walkways and decks shoveled.
  • Do not throw food scraps or cooking grease outside or in the latrines, as this invites rodents.  Please report any signs of rodent activity to MTTA.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed before you leave.
  • Keep the common areas tidy so all visitors can easily share the space. The huts are open to the public from 7 am to 7 pm daily.
  • Leave the hut cleaner than you found it!  We do not have a cleaning service, and we rely on every party to keep the facility clean for the next party.

These facilities are provided to you with volunteer labor, so we really appreciate your efforts to care for them!