Maps & Directions

Maps: The Washington State Department of Natural Resources published a recreation map for Elbe Hills and Tahoma State Forests in 2015 that includes the Mount Tahoma Trails Association trail system.  The map can be purchased here.  For your convenience, the MTTA trails as shown on the map can be previewed here: North District trails and South District trails.

Directions to South District/High Hut, Snow Bowl Hut, Yurt: We use two sno-parks in our South District, a lower sno-park located at an elevation of 2,360′ and an upper sno-park at an elevation of 3,000′. Typically the lower sno-park is in use; we use the upper sno-park only in winter when the snow level is at or above 3,000′.  A map with directions to our South District sno-parks can be viewed here.

Directions to our North District sno-parks will be posted soon.  Thank you for your patience while we work on updating our web site.