Copper Creek Hut


14 Berth Maximum Capacity ($15/berth)

Copper Creek Hut is reached via a gentle uphill grade 4.5 mile hike along the Rainier Vista Trail through a lovely forest.  This trail is considered easy for most people.  Copper Creek Hut is located within the Mt. Rainier Gateway Forest, a wildlife preserve, so please leave your dog at home. Dogs are not allowed in the North District.


Copper Creek Hut is located within the Mt. Rainier Gateway Forest along the Rainier Vista Trail.  This trail is considered easy for most people, undulating at a gentle uphill grade through a lovely forest.  The trail goes on from Copper Creek Hut to access miles and miles of beautiful vistas of Mount Rainier and other peaks, ending at Puyallup Ridge.  If you are looking for a little extra challenge, you will enjoy the upper stretches of the Rainier Vista Trail.

The 4.5 mile trail to Copper Creek Hut is generally considered easy.  However, if conditions are not ideal, or if the trail is not yet groomed, the trek in can be quite challenging, so be prepared!

Copper Creek Hut sleeps up to 14 people.  Sleeping pads are provided, and the kitchen is fully stocked with cookware and dishes, so you need to bring only your food, sleeping bag and clothing.  The hut is heated with a propane fireplace, and there is a propane range and oven.  Solar powered lighting is also provided.

Copper Creek Hut is located within the Mt. Rainier Gateway Forest, a wildlife preserve, so please leave your dog at home.  Dogs are not allowed on the North District trails.

NOTE: Copper Creek Hut is closed between April 15th and November 15th in order to protect wildlife habitat.  Please respect our Land Use Agreement and do not hike in the North District between April 15th and November 15th.

Access/Parking/Facilities: See FAQ.  Located in the North District, accessed via 278th St. East (92 Road), off of Highway 706 in Ashford.

Starting elevation: 3,160 ft.

Hut elevation:  4,200 ft.

Distance:  About  4.5 miles

Difficulty:  The trail to the Copper Creek Hut is gradual uphill for the entire distance with 1,040 feet of elevation gain.   Most groups take 2 to 4 hours to reach the hut (one-way).


  • Leave the hut cleaner than you found it. We do not have a cleaning service, and we rely on every party to keep it clean for the next party.
  • Wipe up water puddles, to help maintain the flooring.
  • Fill the snow buckets and the large water pots for the next party. If you keep filling the pots with snow you will always have water, and the next party will appreciate what you leave them!
  • Sweep the floors and entrance carpet.
  • Clean the kitchen, including the stovetop. Cleaning supplies are under the sink.
  • Carry out all trash. Don’t throw food scraps or cooking grease outside. This brings rodents.
  • Please report any signs of rodent activity to MTTA.
  • This facility is provided to you with volunteer labor, so we really appreciate your efforts to care for it!

Thank you very much!
The MTTA volunteers

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